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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fun Halloween Decorations!

Of course this is Martha inspired and I love it! The crows are a template from her Halloween book that I borrowed from the library. Just copy the image, trace it out on black construction paper and tape it on the fence! The fence is made of black crepe (spelling??) cut to a point and the then "planks" of the fence are cut out in different sizes and taped on the wall with double sided tape either straight up and down or tilted. Tape one long piece from one side to the other of the fence to finish the look.


Anonymous said...

Sister: You are so creative!! I really love your decorations and wish I could be there to see them in person. Can you come decorate me house?

Love, Lori

Lori said...

Sister: I have another great recipe for you! Are you interested in one for making homemade chicken stock?

chefamy said...

I am! Please post!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Edie says: go out into the yard, parks, roadways, and start a leaf collection. it is fun to do, and when you get home, find that huge book that you always meant to read, and put a leaf on every other page. Then put something heavy on the book, and leave for a year. Around fall, get them out and use double-sided tape to put them on your windows, and other places you want some color. very attractive, I think. I decorated my china glass, and the front door and 2 windows. Looks real nice with some indian corn. And the best part is, the cost is very low.