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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Apples! Apples! Apples!

Fall, the perfect time for apples! Recently my mom and I visited Milford, OH and Rouster's Apple House. It's an orchard and really cool. They usually have u-pick but the crop was damaged and so they had bags you could buy. We bought three types: Jonagold, Krispy, and Grimes. All very delicious, my favorite is the jonagold.

So the best invention to accompany the apple is
don't worry, there are pictures to follow!
So I bought it at Linens and Things and it was a deal at $20 it suctions to the counter so you don't have to buy a stand. So it's awesome for making pies b/c it.. cores/peels/slices in about 20 seconds!

Who knew!
Even the husband loves it!

1 comment:

Rich said...

That apple corer/peeler/slicer was one of the best investments.