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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Anniversary cooking expedition #3! Man, what a weekend. Lots of cooking going on in Chef Amy's kitchen. It's a good thing our new apartment has a big kitchen lots of room to get that spatula dirty!

So this chx is perhaps a favorite of the husband/taste-tester. It's not a traditional bbq sauce, it's sweet and tangy and ooh soo good! It's actually passed down from my mom who always made it. Here's the low down:

Chx - has to have the skin on, other wise it gets dry
brown sugar
worchesters... sauce (who knows how to spell that?!)

mix last 3 ingredients. I don't know the measurements, but prolly about 1/2c brown sugar, 2 t worch..., and a cup of ketchup. Basically taste it and see if you like it. You want it sweet and tangy. spread some in the bottom of a baking dish and then spread/rub over tops of chx. bake until done.

serve with mashed potatoes.


For dessert we had our wedding cake! We were nervous to eat it after hearing the horror stories of how bad other people's were. Ours was great! Tasted like the day we were married...awww.. it was wrapped up super well.. layers of plastic wrap and stored in a tupperware container. then frozen in a huge freezer for a year. French Vanilla with raspberry filling.. to die for.. thanks Marilyn's Cakes in Ludlow, KY for the amazing job!!


Kari said...

that wedding cake was goooood. i'm loving the blog amy. makes me want to come over right now and see what you're cooking! actually, pam and i just went krogering, so why don't ya drive on up here and see what you can come up with ....

mom said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, the wedding cake was very good. it froze well. I wanted to eat Phil's piece, but I Did Not!
from ,the woman

, the woman said...

the bbQ sauce is one I made up one day because I ran out of the bottled stuff. The family liked it so much that I have never used it again. I have to say, it is good, and very rich. I like it because it stays on the food.

, the woman said...

what I meant to say was: I have never used the bottled stuff again. (sorry)