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Friday, April 24, 2009

Spaghetti - Zone Style

Not eating spaghetti noodles and bread can be depressing at times, but not with this dish! It's very yummy and you won't even miss those noodles!!

Serves 2 (3 Blocks)

2 c spaghetti squash (cooked) (2c)
1 c spaghetti sauce (low-carb) (2c)
2 c chopped zucchini (1c)
6 oz chx breast (6p)
2 t EVOO (6F)
1 c Strawberries (1c)

Half lengthwise the spaghetti squash and place cut side down in 350 oven for 45 min. When you remove the squash from the oven, use a fork to "shred" the squahs, making it look like noodles.

Saute zucchini in EVOO, add to taste Oregano, Basil, Parsley. Cook until zucchini is tender.

To serve, put cooked spaghetti squash, zucchini, chicken, and sauce in saute pan and toss together. Sprinkle a small amount of cheese on top. Serve strawberries as dessert.

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